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About Me

What brought me here

My quest for the ideal career started in college. At that point, I only knew I wanted to work in an office, with regular business hours in a stable industry. I started with business, but challenges with high level math prohibited me from participating in prerequisites required for a business degree so I changed to communications. The curriculum led me to public relations (PR). Then, an internal corporate communications co-op experience my senior year opened a world of opportunity beyond PR to the fields of human resources (HR) and benefits communication.


Upon graduation I landed a job focused on benefits communication in a toxic environment. Taking a risky move, I quit the job, worked retail for six months, and eventually landed an HR generalist job and worked this profession for ten years. Marriage and parenthood changed my priorities and eventually I braved a Masters degree, which led me to the field of career development.


Over the past 15 years, I have coached and supported thousands of clients on their career journeys. I never tire of learning about new professions and guiding jobseekers in the quest for a job that fits their current lifestyle and priorities.

  • MEd, Adult Learning and Development

  • Over 15 years of experience serving thousands of clients

  • Former recruiter with knowledge of common hiring practices

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