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What is career coaching?

Professionally trained career coaches and career specialists offer assistance to help you determine:

Potential career fields that best match your interests, aptitudes, and values

Future employment trends

Resume review, interviewing and other job search skills

Salaries, benefits, job security and work-life balance in different occupational fields

Employer contacts

Why pursue
career coaching?

A recent Harris Poll, commissioned by National Career Development Association, of recent graduates and working adults found that:

  • 85% agree that career service professionals provide valuable assistance and the majority of people need services from a career services professional

  • Over 60% of adults who had used career coaches or specialists found them to be very or extremely helpful

  • 40% agree that their career choice was inspired by a career services professional

  • Over 70% of recent graduates wished they had sought services from a career services professional

  • Over 65% of working adults and 80% of recent graduates say it would be helpful to talk with a career services specialist as they explore future careers or jobs

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Career Coaching

Career Assessment

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